The New Normal?

So I wonder how your plans are starting to shape up?

What is the world looking like for you right now?

How are your creative ideas and projects developing and moving forward?

Seems everyone is talking about this “new normal” but what does that mean?

Normal is normal , right?

Its just not normal at the moment! The world and each of us has and is living through a pandemic.

However I guess it does mean we can consider what worked before and what didn’t? What was positive and what was not? What was life enhancing and what was not?

As creatives , especially filmmakers , whatever part we play in that, its super important to consider how we choose NOW to live out life. How do we choose our creative projects , who we work and collaborate with?  The stories we choose to tell and where?

Has this time left you pondering those things?

Well heres to finding and building new filmmaking projects  designed from the ground up with focused purpose.

I hope OSBD can help you do just that. Just get in touch.




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