The Justice League

No I am not talking about Zack Snyders Justice league TV series ! OK ,sorry I duped you with the poster!

Rather a developing idea that has been evolving in my mind for some time.

No one can argue that we live in a time where there is a huge amount of injustice , whether it be race , climate related , financial and work , education , health, geography and conflict , gender and identity and even age to name a few.

It can be quite overwhelming and maybe it is the access to information we have, the ability even by a smartphone to show injustice over the internet as its happening, that has overwhelmed and impacted us and maybe even de sensitised us? When we are confronted by these issues through well thought through , honest storytelling with truth seeking at its heart it can have a very positive impact on us.

A key component of why OSBD  exists is to help develop a group of young emerging filmmakers who have a desire to grapple with these issues and find ways to tell stories and make films that connect us with ,engage and hopefully help shape our world in a positive way. A justice league of young filmmakers. A cohort that are not only being helped to develop skills and access to opportunities but who also have the desire to pass that knowledge on to other younger emerging filmmakers too. A circular economy of positive engagement.

The idea is evolving and in some ways is already under way as we help a number of emerging filmmakers through iTF community and beyond. However we hope to launch something tangible in the coming months. We will keep you posted. Meanwhile if you know of young adult emerging filmmakers with these kind of ambitions do get them to look to at the iTF community and to get involved with that.

All the very best


OSBD CO Founder and Director


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