#TakeAMinuite Campaign

Take A Minute will be a social media campaign that features a series of 6 short films being produced by media charity OSBD that focus on and highlights young peoples’ mental health, this project is made by young people for young people. The intention is to help young people as well as practitioners and gate keepers to use the films to explore and discuss the issues raised.

The areas we are hoping to focus on are; Anxiety / Depression / Eating Disorders / Self- Harming and a variety of other issues dependent upon the young people we can find willing to tell their stories. The Charity has funded the creation of 2 of the 6 films so far and is now looking for further support for the project. We are hoping to complete the remaining 3 films and launch the campaign in early 2019.

Charity Number: 1088753

Company Number: 04148140

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