OSBD has always been about creating innovative films that speak into the heart of culture. Films that matter. In the past, this has taken us into the shanty towns of Peru and high security prisons of the Ukraine, as well as many places across the UK and the rest of the world.

Now we want to build upon that and find ways to work alongside young filmmakers to create a new wave of films that explore, expose, challenge and ultimately create the possibility for positive change in our world. We know this will enable much better mental well-being in those who both engage in this process and also watch and utilise the films that are created.

If you would like to see a new wave of young filmmakers making films that matter and help create positive change in the world then we are seeking funders / partners who have a desire to harness our experience with the talent and desire of young filmmakers.

If you are interested in that, please get in touch.

Current Projects

Planet Hope

A mini doc series in the making:

Planet Hope is an OSBD project in collaboration with filmmaker and OSBD original collaborator, Tim Dendy. The aim is to provide free video resources to enable wider discussion, engagement and action.

Tim, alongside other young filmmakers is making a series of short documentaries looking at the current Climate Crisis and specifically exploring where the narrative of Hope might lie. In this mini-series, Planet Hope talks to activists, emerging and established artists and people, young and older, of different faiths and none.

We are actively seeking funding and partners so please get in touch.

Watch Planet Hope

#Take a Minute

A mini doc series in the making:

 #Take A Minute will be a social media campaign that features a series of 6 short films being produced by ourselves that focus on and highlights young peoples’ mental health. This project is made by young people for young people. The intention is to help young people as well as practitioners and gate keepers to use the films to explore and discuss the issues raised.

OSBD has already funded the creation of 2 of the 6 films so far and is now looking for further support for the project. We are hoping to complete the remaining 4 films and launch the campaign by early 2021.

We are actively seeking funding and partners so please get in touch.

Watch #Take a Minute

Youth Matters

This is a documentary series we started during the Covid -19 Lockdown.

We are using recorded zoom conversations that are edited to create the free resources.

The aim was and is to create a series of conversations with both youth workers and young people about how it has been and is during the coronavirus crisis as a young person. What are the issues being faced?

The films aim to explore what the now and future might look like for young people as we slowly emerge from the pandemic. What lessons are being and could be learnt. What does the past reveal about what needs to be put in place to ensure young people get the best chances going forward to secure a positive life for themselves.

In the initial “pilot” video of the Youth Matters series, Pip Piper OSBD director and former youth worker himself talks with Tim Evans of national youth organisation Worth Unlimited about a wide range of issues pertaining to young people.

If you would like to get involved or could support please get in touch.

Watch Youth Matters

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