OSBD has always been about creating innovative films that speak into the heart of culture. Films that matter. Films and stories that come from a place of seeking social justice and equality , hope and positive engagement around the important issues of our day. This has taken us into the shanty towns of Peru and high security prisons of the Ukraine, as well as many places across the UK and the rest of the world.

If you would like to see a new wave of young filmmakers making films that matter and help create positive change in the world then we are seeking funders / partners who have a desire to harness our experience with the talent and desire of young filmmakers.

If you are interested in that, please get in touch.

Current Projects

Planet Hope

Short films about Hope in a time of Climate Crisis.

Planet Hope is an OSBD project in collaboration with filmmaker and OSBD original collaborator, Tim Dendy and YOU! The aim is to work with emerging filmmakers to provide free video resources to enable wider discussion, engagement and action at a time when Climate Crisis is and should be high on all of our agendas.

Planet Hope is an anthology of short documentary films looking at the current climate crisis and specifically exploring where the narrative of Hope might lie. It asks artists, activists, thinkers and spiritual seekers if and how they can hold onto hope in such a dangerous and threatening age. Could you help us create such films? Do you have ideas or indeed films you have already made we could promote?

Our latest endeavour is as the media partner to an amazing project leading upto COP26, the UN climate crisis conference happening in Glasgow in Nov 2021. We will be making a number of short films as we follow the Coat of Hopes on its 62 day pilgrimage!! more info here

Do get in touch to get involved.

#Take a Minute

A mini doc series in the making:

 #Take A Minute is a continuous social media campaign highlighting the issues of mental health and well being and young people. We have made 2 films in collaboration with young filmmakers so far and looking for more!!  This project is made by young people for young people. The intention is to help young people as well as practitioners to use the films to explore and discuss the issues raised.

OSBD has funded the creation of 2 films so far and we now want to find more young emerging filmmakers who want to create something that we can support and enable. Get in touch if you want to discuss that more.

Watch #Take a Minute

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