Planet Hope and more…


OSBD wants to help make Films That Matter.

Well Planet Hope is all about that.
Tim Dendy, a filmmaker based in London was one of the original founders of OSBD.
Tim has been filming a number of things around the whole climate emergency issue.
Tim, alongside OSBD is developing a film series called Planet Hope. Working alongside young creatives and activists the series will create a number of short films highlighting the issues but also exploring the place for faith and hope in the conversation.
Whilst nearly all agree now that the world and human kind is facing its greatest ever threat, Plant Hope wants to explore where does Hope come in? Where does faith of whatever persuasion help us both deal with and engage in being part of the solution.
If this really interests you then get in touch as we want to collaborate and explore with as many people as possible. Maybe you can help financially support this endeavour, then do get in touch as well.

Great article in The Guardian newspaper in the UK

From the Climate Reality Project:

Greta Thornberg article.

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