A core part of developing the work of OSBD is to find strategic partners from the wider media, film , TV and creative industry who get who we are and what we are trying to do. We aim to develop partnerships that are mutual and find a common outworking that ultimately benefits emerging diverse young talent. You get to fulfil some of your CSR and give back whilst creating awareness to our community and audience of who you are too and how they might benefit from what you do.
Our current partners are  Creative Alliance and Be Inspired Films. Scroll below to see more about them.
If you would like to consider being a strategic partner with us and help develop, nurture and support emerging filmmaking talent, then please get in touch.

Creative Alliance is an Independent Training Provider that operates as a social enterprise. We specialise in enabling talented people from different backgrounds and experiences to succeed. We help them get into and then get on in creative, digital and marketing roles within any company. We do this by providing careers education, apprenticeships and training courses for people to help them get their foot in the door.We provide Work Based Learning and apprenticeship programmes for a range of different roles including digital marketers; digital content producers; graphic designers; theatre technicians; event organisers; photography assistants; customer service practitioners and many more.

Since 2005 Creative Alliance have worked with hundreds of employers to help grow their businesses.This includes providing ​advice for employers​ about employing an apprentice or training existing staff to strengthen the skills within their organisation. We have successfully linked the right talent with the right workplace creating sustainable employment for people and providing businesses with access to the next generation of creative, digital and marketing talent.

Supporting new talent, from all backgrounds & experiences & abilities, to start sustainable careers in the creative industries, is at the core of why OSBD & Creative Alliance are here. We’re here to help with the connections, confidence and experience that all new talent is entitled to. It’s just common sense for Creative Alliance to support OSBD and work together in pursuit of our common goals and shared values.”
Noel Dunne Founder & Managing Director Creative Alliance

Be Inspired Films is a multi-award-winning creative agency bringing great ideas to life for purpose-driven organisations across business and society.

In an increasingly complex world, it’s more important than ever to tell stories that cut to the heart of the challenges we face, inspire us to do better and celebrate our shared humanity.

We help our clients tell stories that matter, stories that support a world with a purpose beyond profit, stories that embrace and value people and the planet too.

“We are proud to partner with One Small Barking Dog as we share many of the same values and love the work they are doing.We look forward to working together to inspire and develop changemakers from all walks of life who have great stories to tell.”
Ravinol Chambers Founder and Director

Vermillion Films is a multi-award winning video production agency creating branded content, TV commercials and corporate video. Launched in 2011 we create over 50 film projects per year. We’ve worked with over 150 clients and produced thousands of films in this time, filming in such far flung places as Afghanistan, Spain, Tenerife, San Francisco, South African and Oregon.


“Pip’s work at OSBD is incredibly inspiring and we’ve been the happy recipient of some of their extraordinary talent. We’re keen to support this work wherever we can.”

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