Oscars 2021: The year of the indie.

Like all things across the globe The Oscars had to rethink and re imagine what an awards night and ceremony might look like for 2021.

In many ways the understated and slightly bizarre affair, with far less people and devoid of the usual pre and on the night hype, lent itself to the fact that many of the films in contention were from the far more indie sector of the industry. The nominations were not dominated by the studios and big players but by the smaller independent companies and filmmakers which was for me a breathe of fresh air. Commentators have said that the absence off the pre Oscar PR campaigns by the studios allowed voters to go with their true views? Maybe.

Nomadland was the big winner on the night , a movie set against the backdrop of the 2008 financial crash but perhaps even more resonate now with the global pandemic, lockdowns and looming economic fall out.

So, all in all some great films to hopefully go and see in the cinemas when they re open!

For a full list of nominees and winners go here:





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