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Charlie Scrimgeour is a British documentary filmmaker currently living in London. He grew up in Spain, before moving to Glasgow to study Geography and Politics. He then completed a master’s in creative documentary at UCL where he made three short documentaries. Since graduating he has been working as a production assistant and assistant producer for documentaries.

Film Synopsis

1 year after the 2021 military coup in Myanmar, a Burmese Artists escapes to Europe. He plans to use his art to advocate for the 9000 political prisoners in Myanmar; His father is one of them. As he puts on exhibitions and attempts to settle into the routines of a life in exile comfort is unreachable. He is haunted by memories, graphic images of suffering, his fathers uncertain fate and the guilt of leaving. Can his art make a difference? or will it simply be enjoyed in Europe as a point of conversation?…

UPDATE September 2023:

The film is almost done. A really strong draft edit has been done and Charlie has been out to Bangkok for a few days of final filming. The film is currently being picked up by a major international broadcaster. Brilliant!  We will share the trailer and where it can be seen as soon as possible.

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