New Ground 2022

Here at OSBD we are really excited about 2022. There is still a lot of uncertainty as we all navigate the pandemic BUT we are determined to move forward.

Our hopes and plans for this year are too;

1: Launch a development fund to help young adult emerging filmmakers realise their dreams.

This is being made possible because of a generous donor who has committed to do this each year!

2: Begin a series of webinars with well known filmmakers sharing knowledge and insight. These will be free.

Building on from this, offer some key practical face to face workshops in the Midlands and South West.

3: Start a 6 month mentoring programme to further help develop young adult emerging filmmakers.

4: Help develop /  create and showcase short films particularly around the climate crisis and young people and mental well being.

We will of course keep developing the resource space in iTF and also help enable the iTF community to grow and collaborate..

What we love the most is working and collaborating with others , so do get in touch if you would like to do that.

All the very best for 2022.

Pip and OSBD team.


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