Make this the year….

….to commit to those creative ideas you’ve been pushing around your head, paper, laptop.

In the current times we are in it can be such a struggle to get motivated when it feels like everyone and everything is quite literally locked down and life isn’t open anymore. Across the board people are struggling with mental well being and health. Yep, there’s no avoiding that.

However, creativity, if we can find our way back into that, can be a great way to pull ourselves back from the brink.

So, be deliberate in putting some time aside to dust off the ideas and look again at the films you were perhaps thinking of making last year and got sidelined. Be honest with yourself about what ideas still excite you and you would love to see made. Reach out or maybe back to others you share your creative journey with and see if you can find some space to reconnect and share ideas and dreams again, together.

If you have struggled to make those connection and feel isolated then be brave and look for ways to connect. On line networks, people who might live near you who you’ve always meant to connect with but haven’t. In some ways this is a good time to make those connections as we are all to some degree far less distracted with lots of elements of life that are now out of our reach and maybe have more time to develop connections?

Overall, even if in very small steps lets see what we can create in 2021. If OSBD can be of help to you, then get in touch. No promises but we will listen and do what we can.



Photo by Theodor Eilertsen Photography on Unsplash




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