Lad, a film tale of perseverance and luck?

Making independent feature films is a really really hard game! Obviously done the right way and with the people you want to work with, it can be a real joy and super satisfactory. However the industry and commercial landscape of film distribution is so fickle and tricky to navigate, many a good film often gets passed by.

I know this all too well with a film I produced called The Insatiable Moon, but this blog is not about that film but about the wonderful story emerging around the film Lad. 

I find what is happening with this film so heart-warming. It gives me hope that good films always find a home eventually. Reality is I know that isn’t true but some can with a little ( lot) of perseverance and a good dose of luck.

Despite some success when it came out in 2012/13 , the film never really found an audience as it could not find a distributor. Several years later after feeling like the film was dead and gone, it has had over 1.5 million views on YouTube and now over 400k views on amazon prime.

“It is just a huge relief that the film is now finally being seen by a lot of people” said Hartley, the films Director.

Make sure you read the story here.


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