Founded and led by actor and artist Joseph Gordon-Levitt, HITRECORD is an open online community for creative collaboration.

In 2005, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt started the site with his brother, Dan. It began as a way for them to solicit feedback for videos they posted, but as time went on they opened the platform up to other creative people who wanted to review and remix their and others' work.

Rather than just exhibiting and admiring each others work as isolated individuals, we gather here to work on projects together. Having someone take creative liberty with what I've done, it's just fascinating. It's like, 'Wow they really got it.' Or they didn't get it. You can really tell, based on the art that they make. Much more than what the box office was.

In January 2010 at the Sundance Film Festival, HitRecord launched its new website and introduced its new professional production methodology, allowing contributing artists to be paid for their work. He invited audiences to collectively collaborate with him in the filmmaking process, and create, record, and remix each other's art with the goal of creating cohesive short multimedia work that would have a special screening at the end of the Festival. That year, Joseph sent out $50,000 worth of checks to its contributors. The site now hosts nearly 80,000+ members and pulls in about 1,000 videos, songs, text pieces and artworks daily.

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