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Welcome to the OSBD iTF podcast page.

One of our core pieces of work during the pandemic has been to create video podcasts with inspiring filmmakers with something good and helpful to say. Our huge thanks to those who have given their time. We will continue this over the coming year BUT do look at what we have already , we think it is pretty impressive. We have lots of really interesting people lining up too,  some well known and some with great stories but just starting out and breaking into their filmmaking.

You can view the video podcasts below and play the audio versions from here. However it would help us immensely if you went and subscribed to the OSBD YouTube page where you will find these and lots of other OSBD films to watch and share.

We have also made the video podcast all available as audio versions too which you can find here: https://anchor.fm/osbd.

You can also get them in all these places too!

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Apple Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/osbds-in-the-frame-film-tv-interview-podcast/id1545203420
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