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Modern Woe

Modern Woe

Looking for help with:

  • Producing
  • Sound
  • Camera
  • Lighting
  • VFX / Special effects

Collaboration - Description

So ideally - we'll need a production crew of around 5 people, specialising in sound, lighting, cinematography, producing & another mind on special effects. The potential pro will be taking the lead on Cinematography but it wont hurt to get another - so to clarify, cinematography will be a secondary/stand in role but will still be a fruitful venture!

Get involved! Contact roryherring

Project Description

So I’ve been sitting on this script for over a year now – its a bit weird, because the main topics/themes are self isolation, depression & toxic relationships(bleak – I know!) & then obviously Covid came about to turn my thoughts into reality! How delightful!

So i’m planning on starting with production at the start of 2021, Jan – Feb & ideally i’d like to collaborate with a small production team consisting of members of the iTF community!

The project so far has had some interest – i’m working on getting a seasoned indie short film making pro on board which will contribute hugely towards the overall quality of the finished short film. So very exciting!

Im eager to get chatting to members of the iTF community about projects, ideas & collaboration, so if you’re interested in contributing/developing your skills, knowledge & creativity – don’t hesitate to reach out for more information & the current draft of the script!


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