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Post People – Mockumentary Short Film

Post People – Mockumentary Short Film

Looking for help with:

  • Directing
  • Sound
  • Music

Collaboration - Description

I'd love to connect with anyone who can do sound design (atmos, foley etc) and/or compose music. I'm also always looking to meet new directors who might like to make friends with an editor 😀

Get involved! Contact peternelsoneditor

Project Description

Matthew is the jobsworth Senior Head of Delivering Excellent Deliveries for the Royal Mail, which means he is in charge of ensuring all Post People abide by the sacred teachings written in Her Majesty’s Royal Postie’s Code. However, he is met with his greatest challenge – Mark: a lazy, grumpy postman who has been reported for lobbing, kicking and frisbeeing parcels and for insulting the public.

A sub-five minute comedy mockumentary style short film that I’m making as a tester for a bigger 20 minute film that I plan to make next year.

Users involved:

Charity Number: 1088753

Company Number: 04148140

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