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Let’s Look After Our Home – Editing Competition Entry

This editing challenge gave you access to thousands of stock footage clips which you had to use to create a 60 second piece. I created an advert for a conservation charity, hopefully reminding the viewer that we all share this home and should be looking after it for the benefit of all!

Oathbreaker – Medieval Fantasy Short Film (Also on Amazon Prime!)

"Enlisted to do the work of the shady Queensguard, lone warrior Savira must choose between helping a clan of foreign travelers and her own survival in the untamed lands of the Rivian West." I edited this film for my FMP at university!

The Present – Editing Competition Entry

This editing competition gave you a mass of footage that was shot for a scene of a film, and the challenge was to use editing techniques to tell a unique story that differed from the original intention of the director.

David Attenbregg’s Terrifying Eggspedition – Short Comedy Sketch

The challenge was to create a 60 second film using eggs as the main characters, to place the focus fully on storytelling through editing and sound design.

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