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TO ERR (Short-Film)

An unlikely friendship forms between an engineer on earth and a satellite venturing to the furthest reaches of space. IMDB LINK: . . Directed by Nanci Cruz Scriptwriter J.M. Elliot Editing by Anthony Martinez (Second House Films) Production Anders Johnson Cinematography Anthony Martinez & Anders Johnson Music by Cian C. Hutton, Sam Fisher and Mariano Torres FESTIVAL NEWS: TO ERR had its first UK Premiere at the 40th Edition of the Cambridge Film Festival TO ERR has been selected for the 47th Edition of the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival

Love N’ Hate (Videoclip)

A collab song with LnV Beats that is the beginning of a new hip hop era. The song is describing relationships that are at a point of not being able to differentiate love from hate. In a few words, as you are going to watch the whole video, it is slight as storytelling and we believe that you’ll recognise the pros and cons of that behaviour from the lyrics of the song and the scenes that you’ll see. TEAM: Nanci Cruz (director, producer, editor) Joana Magalhaes (DoP) Francesca Barosi (actress, dancer) Fabrizio Canu (actor) Video made in Dec 2020


Bookends is a dramatic love felt film, where Noah and Abby meet for the last time. The short film is been submitted to film festivals internationally and still on the run. It was fully produced by Nanci Cruz under the wings of her platform Next Move Arts where young filmmakers and graduates from Film Studies and TV Film Production departments directed, wrote, and filmed their projects in Cambridge. The link to the info is: 'Bookends' has been selected for the Lift-Off Sessions Online this year. This is a festival where the first round is held online via Vimeo On Demand. The second round is internal. The third and final round is a live screening event held at both Pinewood Studios in the UK and Raleigh Studios in Hollywood.

Good Enough Videoclip / Music Video

During the end of March and beginning of April 2021 I had the luck again to direct and co-produce another video clip with a singer from Greece that lives in Cambridge. I also edited the final product (colour grading was made by Max Elgar, the DoP I worked with for this shooting). Very lucky and thankful to be part of a fantastic team that helped me to bring this to life.

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