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About me

As a Film Graduate I hold skills in Visual content creation with five years of experience in Photography, Videography, Editing and two years of Digital marketing experience with UX design within my capabilities. I am passionate about impacting the lives of others through fusing design into eye-catching content.



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Directing, Camera, Lighting

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London, UK

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Reflecting on my journey so far, my love for visual content creation inspired me to obtain my Bachelor’s degree in Film Production at The University of West London, after completing a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at University of The Arts: Central Saint Martins in 2017. As a Freelancer Director of Photography, I have developed and directed shoots within London’s fashion and music industry such as BBC Three, GUAP Magazine, Nike and
music festivals like Strawberries & Creem and Parklife festival all while still at university. Specifically focused on
creative direction of short films, music videos with stylistic elements, lighting, set direction, and casting.

Other Relevant Skills

Showreel (2020)

Charity Number: 1088753

Company Number: 04148140

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