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Home Time

‘Home Time’ by Bhulla Beghal (BlueBell Films) is a poem film commissioned as part of Multistory’s Stories in Isolation series. Sweet and humorous, the short film tells the story of a boy’s musings on school, now that he can no longer attend due to lockdown. The film features Bhulla’s nephew Avian, age 8. Jaya, his niece, age 10 supported on production. “I moved into my sister’s house for the lockdown to help parent her children, my niece Jaya, age 10 and nephew Avian, age 8. Inspired by the children, we made a poem film about a boy who realises his love for school now that it has been taken from him. I wrote the poem with help from the children who provided me with nuances of school life that enhance the final poem. My niece is fascinated by production whereas my nephew enjoys being in front of the camera. I used this project to teach them hands on lessons in filmmaking such as lighting, acting, production management and editing.” - Bhulla Beghal Home Time was featured on BBC News and was nominated for two Royal Television Society Midland awards for Digital Creativity and Production Craft.

Advance Care Planning

Compton Care is a palliative care charity based in Wolverhampton who found a barrier to accessing care for the South Asian community is an unwillingness to speak or think about end-of-life. They brought BlueBell Films in to produce a film that engages the community to spark thought and discussion. We wanted to make a film that leaves a viewer feeling like they WANT to think about this as opposed to feeling like that HAVE to. The result is a 4 minute film that written and directed by Bhulla that intends reflect common characters and settings in the South Asian community. It speaks in 6 languages: English, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, Gujarati and British Sign Language, and was shot locally with local crew and actors. Writer/Director: Bhulla Beghal Director of Photography: Gary Tanner Sound Recordist: Mark Botfield Camera Assistants: Paul Craythorne & Joseph Potts Runner: Levi Sitladin

A Scribbled Memory

Children are great imitators, give them something great to imitate. A Scribbled Memory is our award-winning public service film that visualises a real radio interview. It highlights potential long-term effects of growing up in an abusive environment for a child. A Scibbled Memory has screened in 34 film festivals worldwide and won 7 awards. How successful a child is at recovering from trauma or witnessing abuse depends on several things including having a good support system, good relationships with trusted adults, high self-esteem and healthy friendships. A Scribbled Memory was nominated for a Royal Television Society Midlands Award for Best Animation.

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