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Electron Short Film

Electron Short Film

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  • Lighting

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Project Description

Writer/Producer – Abbie Allen, Director/Editor – Luke Furmage, Producer – Lee Greenhough

TAGLINE: “As Lightning Strikes, so will she”

LOGLINE: A lightning-powered recluse goes undercover in the Ravenhold Institute to find out the truth behind the prisoners’ losing their powers, only for her own to be put at risk.


The hope is to film in October 2020, but it depends on the situation at the time. Anyone interested to be crew for it would be really appreciated. We are hoping to film in Birmingham, but there is also the backup possibility that it’s Leicester (to be confirmed on safety of filming).

If interested please contact myself or Luke Furmage.


Charity Number: 1088753

Company Number: 04148140

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