Welcome to the iTF community page.

If you are between 18-25 and a novice or emerging filmmaker please sign up today and be part of the iTF community.

It is FREE and very quick and easy to do.

This is a space where you can create a profile about yourself and showcase your current and future work. As it grows, it will be a space you can easily find and connect with other filmmakers. We will be actively creating opportunities for those in the community.

Due to safe guarding and data protection best practice we have decided this community will be for those who are 18 and over and due to the charities mandate to work with young people , no older than 25!

However, if you are under 18 and over 25 don’t worry! You can use the community space to help connect with those who are in it.  Simply use the search facility on this page to see who is in the community and access their profiles, view their work and connect with them.

You can also access everything else that iTF has to offer.

We will be creating specific development and training opportunities for those under 18 over the coming year and beyond.


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Welcome! Take some time to take a look around and see who is here, whether you are in the iTF community or want to see who is.

This is a great place to find people, check out one anothers work and projects in development. A space you can use to find who you can work and collaborate with.

Just be respectful , let’s all look out for each other and help one another be and do the best we can.

Let us know if anything is not working as it should or we can do better. Plus tell us if its great too!


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