Going back to the cinema??

Yesterday May 17th across the UK , easing of restrictions amidst the pandemic has meant many cinemas have opened up their doors for the first time in many many a month!

A strong slate of delayed Hollywood blockbusters, more diverse programming and special events are crucial to the industry’s survival.

The culture site, Vulture, lists nearly 100 films that were delayed from their original 2020 release dates including Black Widow, Cruella and Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

Still, what was bad in 2020 may be good for 2021. “You’re looking at a slate that hits the ground running and then barely pauses for breath for the rest of the year,” says Phil Clapp, chief Eexecutive of the UK Cinema Association.

At local cinema in the south of England , The manager states that most of the Nomadland screenings are sold out this week, despite the film having already been available to watch at home on Disney + since April. “Our first screening at 11am today was full. They looked really happy, meeting friends beforehand and generally acting like old times, although I didn’t see any hugs.”

Eighty per cent of cinemas may be reopening their doors in the next few weeks, but revenue for British cinemas fell by 76 per cent last year, from £1.25bn to £297m.

The big questions is , will you be going back? Do you feel safe? Is cinema and its survival as a cultural and entertainment space,  important ? Has streaming of major blockbusters enticed us away forever?

I guess we will have to wait and see.


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