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OSBD has always been about creating innovative films that speak into the heart of culture. Films that matter. In the past that has taken us into the shanty towns of Peru and high security prisons of the Ukraine. As well as many places across the UK and the rest of the world.

NOW we want to build upon that and find ways to commission young filmmakers to work alongside us to create a new wave of films that explore, expose, challenge and ultimately create the possibility for positive change in our world.

iTF (in the frame) is all about that. It is a space for emerging young filmmakers aged 18-25 to help find connections, resources and learning as well as showcase themselves and their work. For the under 16s we are actively engaged in working with partners to deliver innovative film training and opportunities, so watch this space for those across 2020.

If you would like to see a new wave of young filmmakers making films that matter and help create positive change in the world then we are seeking funders / partners who have a desire to harness our experience with the talent and desire of young filmmakers. Partners who can commission and finance that work. If you are interested in that please get in touch (info@osbd)

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