Pip Piper, OSBD’s co-founder and current director was a youth worker back in the 1990s, working with his wife Debbie for a large inner city Church. Pip found himself helping young people develop their creativity around making short films – one of those being Jon Miles who is now a Trustee of the charity!

Over time, OSBD developed into a world-class media organisation and was formally incorporated and established as a charity in 2001. Over the next several years OSBD worked alongside young people enabling and training as well as creating numerous short films and documentaries. Its innovative Images for Worship visual series and Talk Trigger video pieces had a big impact. OSBD was also commissioned by other charities and NGOs to make documentaries about their work, taking them as far afield as South America, Turkey , South Korea, USA and the Ukraine and into such diverse and challenging places as shanty towns and high security prisons!

OSBD also ran two Breathe Film Festivals, exploring spirituality in film, and brought together fresh innovators in contemporary culture from around the world for its ground breaking Not Drowning Waving conferences. Much respect should be paid to those who worked tirelessly alongside Pip, those being Debbie Piper, Sarah Green, Rob Taylor, Tim Dendy, Rob Purbrick , Tim Evans ,David Cawley, Nina Jones and many others who worked alongside or served as trustees.

Some years ago OSBD decreased some of its activity as Pip and Rob Taylor developed Blue Hippo Media, a company that set it sights on making stories for the bigger screen. Over the past several years BHM has made several feature length films, many of which have been screened in cinemas and on TV and VOD platforms both in the UK and across the world, some winning international acclaim and film awards. Blue Hippo Media is now taking a well earned rest.


Since 2018 we have been working hard to push the charity forward with fresh vision and strategy to support and develop emerging filmmaking talent and create films that matter. Building on the reputation and experience of running Blue Hippo Media we are forging ahead.

Sarah Green after many many years working alongside Pip and the team has now moved on. Thanks Sarah! Tim Dendy is still involved as an active creative collaborator and member of the core OSBD team and Rob Taylor shouts from the sidelines! Luke Furmage is a young creative who as a freelancer is very core to what we are now doing. The wonderful Mike Riddell continues to be our patron.We have a very talented, experienced and committed group of trustees. Thanks Loz, Jon, Adrian, Helen and Simon.

2020-21 ,we really began to sense a dynamic new life to “the dog” as lots of possibilities were emerging.We actively developed the iTF project and sought partnerships from other organisations who share our vision and ethos. Like everyone, Covid has and is having an impact but we are slowly and organically growing.

Now in 2022 we are poised to build further as we seek to launch a development fund , begin workshops , enable more films to be made , work in key partnerships and start a mentoring programme.

Do get in touch and be part of the journey with us. If you can, please support us with either a one off gift or regular donation as we are entirely reliant on  individual generosity as well as gaining grants.

Heres to the next season and chapter of the story.


Our People

Pip Piper



Pip has been involved with OSBD since the start and continues as its Director helping forge the work of the charity.

Mike Riddell


A long time friend and supporter. Mike, a novelist and script writer brings wisdom and insight which are critical in helping us be creative and effective.

Debbie Piper


Debbie has been involved with the charity since it began and as it evolved over the years. She is an artist.

Tim Dendy

Indie Filmmaker

Tim was one of the original founders and collaborators of osbd and is still working with us on projects. His creativity and insight help under pin what we are all about.

Luke Furmage


Creative and Editor -

Luke is a very talented aspiring filmmaker with very strong editing skills. He is a core part of the osbd creative team.

Laurence Sharman

Chair of Trustees

Loz has been a long term supporter of all things OSBD and is key to ensuring its future now as he serves as chair of the trustees.

Charity Number: 1088753

Company Number: 04148140

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