Stopped in our Tracks.



Well, no one could have predicted just where we are all at the moment! Well, maybe a few dystopian authors and filmmakers perhaps!

Lots of people are talking about the world on re-set, how what was “normal” will no longer be even when this is all abated. We will be in the “new normal”. Just what will be left behind?

However, how are we all? How we are adjusting, coping?

What have we lost and are there any gains in anyway?

For those of us who are creatives in some way. This is a great opportunity to think about how whilst in lockdown and isolation our creativity can somehow flourish and offer help and solace to others.

I was recently on a skype call with a young filmmaker in Poland who has set up on line filmmaking tutorials for local young people, all new to him but he is really enjoying the “new” experience.

Yes, we are stopped in our tracks in many ways, but when that happens in the natural and “normal” world we find a different route to help navigate a new way around.

What are your alternative routes right now?

Let us keep one another safe and support each other where we can.

If we can help any of you in your filmmaking endeavours then please get in touch.

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