Blue Story : To ban or not to ban


Blue Story a feature film by a young black rapper backed by the UK film industry faced a horrible situation when violence broke out at a cinema in Birmingham last weekend.The film , which I have not yet seen but intend too, deals with the realities of life across postcodes on the tough estates of London. Rapman contends it’s a love story at its heart but obv deals with some very harsh realities many young people face daily.
Rapman, whose real name is Andrew Onwubolu, previously told the BBC there was “no connection” between his movie and the brawl in Birmingham, which led to five arrests.
“And then you start thinking, is there hidden reasons there? What’s the owner like? Has he got an issue with young urban youth? Is he prejudiced?
“Does he believe that this film brings a certain type? Is there a colour thing?”
Films of this nature are really important as they give voice to young filmmakers who have very specific perspectives to bring to a wider audience. As with all films they will bring with them a wide response both positive and negative. Can have impact on audiences, whether this is true in Birmingham time will tell.

Should films just be about entertainment or should they bring uncomfortable truths to bear and make us respond?

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