“I, Daniel Blake”…can films change the world?

I, Daniel Blake”…can films change the world?

Truth be told of course they can , why? Well our encounter with films can change us, therefore they can lead to a change in the world in which we exist. Obviously we can choose to just consume films as entertainment which is fine and decide that is their only purpose BUT i wonder even if we choose that path if change is not still inevitable?

Once we have watched a film does it not exist in our memory and psyche?
If that is true, is change not occurring whether we choose it or not?
The impact of the story , the characters , the imagery , sound and music all have potential to play with our emotions, perceptions and attitudes.

Ken Loach’s amazingly engaging , funny and deeply poignant film I, Daniel Blake which comes 50 years since his societal changing film “Cathy Come Home” has the potential to bring about significant change if we watch it and allow to first change ourselves and then the world around us.

Happy watching.

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