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OSBD is committed to growing a grass roots and relational movement of young emerging filmmakers passionate to create films that have impact and heart. Films that just might enable change in our world for the better.

We work with and for young adults, from all backgrounds. Specifically, aspiring and emerging filmmaking talent. Our core project in The Frame (iTF) is all about that as we seek to build our free online film community, share free resources, enable collaboration and offer support with development and mentoring.

We are also creating films that matter. Films that speak into culture, that shine a light on social justice, the climate crisis and other major issues of our day. Oh and ok sometimes, just for the fun too! Whether our own ideas or through collaborative projects with both emerging and established filmmakers and alongside regional, national, and international partners.

We are passionate about enabling ALL young people to have a voice through film. We are developing our work with young people under 18 through key partnerships with youth organisations and are looking to set up regional film hubs. We are also seeking to train young adult filmmakers to help deliver this work.

We also want to help train key staff at charities and organisations how to create their own films that matter using inexpensive and accessible technology.

Could you support us with a one off or monthly gift today? It would be a huge encouragement. 

We would really like to hear from you too, what can we do to help YOU?

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Staff Picks

Every few weeks we will add our staff picks from the showcase films our community have highlighted. Enjoy!

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